Security Measures for Schools

by todaystrainingblog

January 22, 2013 

Many questions have abounded about school security over the last month or so, ever since the New Town Connecticut shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. A lot of proposals are just so outlandish and unrealistic to make them impossible.

And of course each political party is making this an ideological argument. Liberals want to ban firearms altogether or make it impossible for the normal common person to own one. Conservatives, of which I am one, go to the other extreme and want nothing about ‘gun control’ to even be discussed, whether it would be helpful or not.

Well, I have to tell you one thing about all of these arguments. I said most of this stuff 4 years ago in my book! Many of the security measures that have been outlines. Having parents take more responsibility. Violent video games. And I even talked about what school districts can do to assist local police departments in the event of an active shooter event!

Nobody took me seriously then. And unfortunately no one will now either, I’m afraid. Why do I say that, you ask? Because they are too scared to admit that I was right and they missed the boat!

I’ve tried to talk to the media numerous times about this. They poo pahed the ideas. I tried to sell seminars to school districts. They scoffed at me. I held open workshops and seminars for parents and other interested parents and no one attended because they couldn’t be bothered with the time!

Just one more place where I am ahead of my time in pronouncing the news to the world of better security. I’ve done that my entire career and take criticism for it or worse, ignored. Yeah well, such is the life of a forward thinking security professional!

Some of the items I discussed in the book are; Parental Responsibility, School Accountability, Video games, Security Measures, warning signs, and several other items that are being bandied about now. Access control, background checks, and other such fundamental things are just a few of the things I talk about.

One of the ‘radical’ ideas that I put forth is that the schools provide the local police departments with maps of the school interior. Additionally, plans for evacuation of the school warning s of active shooters. And (getting horrified 50’s monster movie look) students either fighting back or hiding! I know these are radical ideas, but I felt they needed to be adopted, and now sadly they are. It’s too bad that it is had taken nearly 100 kids being killed and/or wounded for that to happen.

If you want to know what I said in the book, it is available on Amazon as an e-book for only .99 cents. ‘Never to Grow Up: Preventing Violence in our Schools’ is the name of it. There is 4 books with a similar title, so make sure my name is next to it.