Can a Life Coach prevent WPV?

by todaystrainingblog

January 18, 2013


Hi Everyone, It’s Mindy again. Today I wanted to take a few minutes of your time and talk about Life Coaching. Yes, I said Life Coaching. I own a Coaching business and am seeing more everyday how just offering this sounding board arena can improve the lives of others. I know you’re probably curious how that could ever relate to security or work place violence, but I believe it can.

Life Coaching is a resource available to anyone, they can even to some degree keep their

Unanimity. They have someone they can talk to openly about the issues in their life and steps they can take to work through those issues. These issues can range from addiction recovery, weight, marital/relationship, and self-esteem. Wouldn’t you agree that mentally healthy people are not the ones committing these work place violence crimes? I would.

Mentally healthy people are able to make more sound decisions and they are better equipped to deal with rejection and ridicule. Life coaching helps people learn to step past themselves and look at the picture from a broader lens. Sometimes when people are hurting or confused they can’t see past the situation at hand… the consequences.

While private therapy and counseling are also great options, those options

Are more expensive, require more time, and they require face time. It’s difficult to go and talk to a stranger about the things that ail you. You feel so exposed and maybe even judged. Life Coaching offers virtual coaching via the internet and sometimes the phone. I think most people would agree it’s

a bit easier to talk when you don’t feel so vulnerable. In conclusion, less frustrated, depressed, overworked, overwhelmed, esteemless individuals walking

around out there without an outlet the better. Stepping Past Ourselves is my business, but there are many different coaching services available, so if

you know someone who needs to talk but may not be open to “norm” options, maybe suggest an alternative, show them that you care. Quit being so caught up

in yourself and slow down to help someone who may just need one person, to care. The more of us who care, create more people with a support system which I believe will lead to less violent acts, be it at work or in school. The world is full of disappointments, so it is our duty as human beings to support

each other, even those who we might deem less than deserving. Too many people are quick to make snap judgments based on appearance, social status, or economic factors; I say stop judging and start reaching out. Who knows who you may help and maybe who may help you. We were all wired different for a reason

and having friends, and acquaintances that are different is a great way to expand yourself and who knows maybe you will be the one that someday prevents someone else from feeling all out of options and doing something drastic and then regretting it.


Stepping past ourselves is the business that Mindy now owns. It operates out of Gardner Kansas but thanks to the Internet they have clients from all over the globe. My credentials range from being a pastor to many life experiences. So when I say been there done that I mean it. And I know how to overcome it because I’ve done that too.

My husband is our recovery coach and his focus is on teenagers and you g adults. He is a recovered addict and knows just how hard it is to let go and move on and that is what makes his advice so on point, he’s not reading some book from college he’s speaking from a place to those who are there and will understand.

Contact them at 913-256-5688. Or you can email at steppingpastourselves@gmail com