Year End Summary of WPV

by todaystrainingblog

January 4, 2013

 Here we are starting another year. So full of excitement and anticipation of what may be this year. High hopes and expectations of a better life for us and our families. Unfortunately, it won’t be that way for far too many people and families.

Workplace Violence (WPV (will rear its ugly head once again. It will kill hundreds, whether it be in robberies or non-robbery, incidents. And it will wound many hundreds more. And even worse it will traumatize even more, thousands.

But we’re not gonna talk about the future for now. I want to inform you; at the beginning of this brand new shiny new year how bad the last one was for WPV. Remember that WPV is responsible for more than 17% of all workplace deaths. And suicide accounts for another 8% of those. That is a fairly alarming number to people.

In 2012 the numbers break down to this that I have recorded. And again remember, I don’t get all the incidents that occur everywhere across the country. And many incidents aren’t even accounted in the official statistics, i.e. those that happen at night clubs. SO I will break it down by the numbers to make it simple for you and anyone reading this;

Number of incidents: 110


Number of those killed in non-robbery WPV: 108


Number wounded in the same incidents: 164


Number of states where incidents occurred:34

(and this may not be all incidents, just the ones I know of. There is no doubt in my mind that ALL states have had at least one incident)


State with the most incidents I’ve got:Arizona (15)

(Remember, I only get a limited number in the newsand I live in the AZ.)


Listed below is the list of incidents that I’ve collected from Arizona. I will also add, also below a list of every incident that I’ve collected this year. I have only listed the city not the incident itself.

The reasoning’s for these go far beyond the ‘gun’ control issue. They dovetail into the warning signs, mental health, economy, and many other factors. There is never just one reason why an incident occurs in a non-robbery event.

It takes a comprehensive and complete approach to solving this and ‘connecting g the dots’. No one issue can be blamed in all cases. Neither can he idea that someone ‘just snaps’ that never happens.

The solution is not complicated. Lots of people, including security professionals, try to make it that way for their own job protection. But the truth is it isn’t. It is time consuming and nothing else – and most companies simply don’t have the time or money to devote to it.

Hopefully my book will help many small and large companies an incident.




Phoenix Feb. 21st 1W

Phoenix April 9 1W

Chandler April 11 1W

Scottsdale April 23 1D

Phoenix May 24th 2W

CottonwoodMay 25th 0

Mesa June 29 0

Phoenix July 15 1 D

Phoenix July 15 1 W

GlendaleSeptemmber 5 0

Tempe September 14 1 D

ChandlerOctober 6 1 W

Bullhead CityNovember 2 1W

MaricopaNovember 271D

Casa Grande November 30 0

Laveen, December 11 1 D



Barstow, CA. January 12 0

Starr, NC Jan13th 4 D 1 W

Middletown, NY Feb. 8th 2 D 2 W

Norcross, GA. Feb.21st 5D

Long Beach, CA Feb 16th 1D 1W

Richmond, VA. February 22 – 2 incidents 2D 1W

Albany, NY. March 0

Jacksonville, FL. Mar 6th 2D

Bellingham, WA. Mar 8th 0

Pittsburgh, PA. Mar.8th 2D 7W


Dallas, TX. Mar 9th 0

Chicago, IL. Mar. 9th 2W

Columbus, Ohio Mar. 16th 5W

New Jersey Mar. 16th 0

Beaumont, Tx. 2D 3W

Woodland Hills, CA Mar. 19th 1D

Jet Blue Mar.27 0

US Airlines Mar. 28

Los Angelas LAX, April 17th

York County, PA. April 29 3W

New York City April 30- 7 sites/incidents 0

Ellicott City, Nd. May 3 3D

Louisville, Ky.Churchill Downs May 4 1D

Gwinnett, GA. May 2 1W

Batavia, Il May 21 1W

Kittery, ME. May 22nd 0

Topeka, KS. May 23rd 2W

Valporaiso, In. May 25th 1D

Florence, Ky.May 29 1 D

Seattle, WA. May 30th 6D 1W

Sandy Springs GA. June 7 1D

Hillsboro, Or. June 7

Alliance, NE June 13 1 D4W

Buffalo, NY June 13 1D

McKeesport, PA. June 23 1D 1W

Fort Bragg, NC. June 292D 1W

Concord, NC. July 10 1 D

Tuscaloosa, AL. July 16 17 W

St. George, UT. July 17 2 D

Charlotte, NC. July 2W

Aurora, CO. July 20 13 D 59W

Pine Bluff, AR. July 23 1 D

Manteno (Chicago) July 25 1 W

Crofton, Md. July 26 0

Muscatine, IA August 3 1 W

Akron, OH August 4 1 D

Brookhaven, NY August 5 0

Nanuet, NY. August 8 1 W

Houston, Tx. August 8 1 D

New Castle, De. August 8 0

Wauna, WA. August 11 3 W

Washington DC August 15 1W

New York City August 25 2D 10W

Baton Rouge, LA. August 26 1 D

Old Bridge, NJ August 31 3 D

Nashville, TN. September 9

Philadelphia, Pa. September 11 0

Pittsburgh, Pa. September 21 0

Minneapolis, Mn. September 27 6 D4 W

Auburn, Wa. October 5

Wichita Falls, Tx. October 17

Denver, Co.October 17 5 D

Castleberry, Fl October 18 4 D1 W

Arlington, Va. October 18 0

Brookfield, Wi October 2 4D 4W

Atlanta, Ga. October 24 1 W

Atlanta, Ga. November 1

Chester County, Pa. November 1 1 W

Fresno, Ca. November 6 3 D 3 W

Bolivar, Mo. November 16 0

Hollywood, Ca.(X Factor) 0

New York City November 21 3D

Aurora, Co. November 23 0

Houston, Tx. November 24 1D

Albuquerque, NM. November 29 1D

Kansas City, Mo. December 1 2D

Baltimore, Md. December 5 1W

Cleveland, Oh December 9 2D

Houston, Tx. UNK 1W

Portland, OrDecember 11 3D 1 W

Birmingham, Al. December 14 1D 3W

Newport Beach, Ca. December 15 0

San Antonio, Tx. December 16 2 W

Schuylkill County, Pa December 18

Vernon, Ct. December 18

Webster, NY December 24

Sacremento, Ca