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Month: January, 2013

Professionalism & Security


January 30, 2013




Recently I was asked a very profound and puzzling question. What is professionalism? They wanted me to define what professionalism meant to both me and at large.


It was profound because it required some thought to it and serious contemplation. Puzzling because it is one thing that is so hard to pin down, even for someone in their own profession!


Being in security it has pushed my management skill to the breaking point for over 30 years! Professionalism is one of my biggest bug-a-boos, amongst many. I have pushed hard for every officer under me to be professional. And it isn’t above me to either compliment a security officer on their professionalism or correct them when I’m out and about – and then call their office.


So what do I think is the appropriate definition of professionalism within the security field? It doesn’t matter if it is for a security officer working third shift at a ‘dirt-ball’ post or a manager over seeing a 100 officers, it’s all the same. And consequently, it will make everyone better.


First and foremost is the fact that you perform your duties in a quick and succinct manner. The cliché’ I use in my customer service workshops definitely applies. You do ‘Whatever it takes to get the job done. Right!’ I’m not above breaking a few rules or cutting corners or red tape to get the job done. Sometimes it makes people mad – except the person you’re working so hard to do right by!


Next is being perfectly business like and efficient. Just because you’re being business like doesn’t mean you have to be aloof and cold to the people you’re serving. You can laugh, joke, & do other things as well. But you have to maintain a sense of not being too close to anyone, lest the idea of being compromised comes into play.


Next would be customer service. Yes, customer service. Customer service plays a crucial role in being professional. And you have to remember it is reliant on more than just those from the outside, your external customers.


You have to take care of all 5 sets of customers before you can be considered professional. You have to take care of both your internal and external customers. Huh?


Take for example if you’re a manager. An officer calls and needs some information, not crucial but important to them. If you don’t treat them the same way you do a client then you’re not servicing them the right way. Likewise, if a client calls up and needs something, you can’t just ignore them while talking to an officer. You have to prioritize and then deal with everything that pops up – as quickly as possible. And if it’s not quick, apologize!


Another thing is being properly attired and physical attitude. If your uniform/working clothes are not serviceable, the you won’t look professional, which has a lot to do with your professionalism, as unrealistic as that may be. If your clothes look like they’ve been slept in, used a mop for your lunch, or not cleaned for a while, it doesn’t present a very professional appearance. And this goes for both on and off duty.


Likewise, your physical attitude is just as important. No, I don’t mean you need to act like the Terminator. You are not Ahrnold. What I’m speaking of is an attitude that I learned more than 30 years ago living in the military town of Minot No Dak. ‘Walk like you know where you’re going and have something to do once you get there!; I will guarantee you that if you hold your head up, shoulders squared, and walk purposefully like this, you’ll not only clear a path, but you’ll be accused of being professional, horrifying thought isn’t it!


It’s not that it is all that hard to be professional. What may be difficult in this area is to remember every-thing you need to be and act professional. There are many detailed facets to being and acting like a professional. Most of it is intangible and can’t be taught as I stated myself I am still learning things about being a professional after 30 years in the field!


Being a professional also means that you never stop learning. It doesn’t matter learning what, just don’t stop. Whether it be in security or another field that is a hobby. A friend and former member of the Phoenix Chapter of ASIS told me that he reads all the time, mainly security books! Why, because he enjoys reading and his career field.


And of course professionalism doesn’t start or stop at the time clock. You have to be a constant professional to prevent someone from thinking otherwise. Is that hard? You bet it is! You can’t drive down the road to a meeting, flying, swerving, cutting in and out, and swearing like a drunken sailor and expect someone who may see your erratic behavior think you’re anything but lunatic!


One of the best clichés I have for this is one that I have used and tried to adhere to for a long time, ‘The Best Isn’t and Good Enough Never Is’. And of course we could take Winston Churchill’s words to heart as well ‘Success is Never Final’.


Lull before the storm?

January 25, 2013


So far this year I’ve been able to record about 5 incidents of WPV. Not that this is bad news, but is it the lull before the storm?

If you look at 2012 it was the same thing. It started off fast in January with a flurry of both workplace and school violence incidents. Then it leveled off for a few months. And then it exploded! So far this year, SV has been in the news much more than WPV – probably fueled by the New Town massacre and the President’s ‘gun control’ advocacy.

It was after the Aurora Colorado shooting of July 20th that kicked off the last 6 months of 2012. And it really rolled down hill at that point.

In the first 6 months, we only had 40 some people killed in WPV, that I track. We ended up with over 110. As for wounded, nearly 170 people were wounded in such incidents.

Is it going to be the same this year? It could be because of a number of factors. A few of those are right here.

First and foremost is stress. Stress can and will make a lot of people ready to leap off the edge. And when they leap, they usually want to take a few others with them.

Going along with stress is financial. People are worrying about how their finances will hold up if they lose their job or if they get sick. And with the government making cuts in a lot of programs, then people will worry more.

And speaking of financial, what about taxes? With the social security tax holiday gone, we are all paying a lot more for taxes than we have in a few years. And this in turn will cause people to worry more and stress even worse.

Then there is the 2nd Amendment debate. Conservatives believing that the government is trying, piece by piece, to take away their firearms and their rights under the 2nd Amendment. On the other side of the aisle, the liberals are scared that we are ready to enter into a blood bath and have blood of innocents running in the streets like water after a July thunderstorm.

So, as the year progresses, be prepared for the inevitable rise in WPV. And this is not mentioning the corresponding rise in domestic violence, child abuse, and animal abuse for the same reasons I mentioned above. People need a way to de-stress, and abusing others is one way that some ‘de-stress’. They blame others and feel that hurting them will cure all their ills!

So be careful and mind the warning signs of someone who is about to commit an incident of WPV. And if your employer isn’t up to speed on it and have a plan to combat it in place, someone should encourage them to do so before they go bankrupt and put people out of work. Not to mention help to fill the cemetery.

Security Measures for Schools

January 22, 2013 

Many questions have abounded about school security over the last month or so, ever since the New Town Connecticut shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. A lot of proposals are just so outlandish and unrealistic to make them impossible.

And of course each political party is making this an ideological argument. Liberals want to ban firearms altogether or make it impossible for the normal common person to own one. Conservatives, of which I am one, go to the other extreme and want nothing about ‘gun control’ to even be discussed, whether it would be helpful or not.

Well, I have to tell you one thing about all of these arguments. I said most of this stuff 4 years ago in my book! Many of the security measures that have been outlines. Having parents take more responsibility. Violent video games. And I even talked about what school districts can do to assist local police departments in the event of an active shooter event!

Nobody took me seriously then. And unfortunately no one will now either, I’m afraid. Why do I say that, you ask? Because they are too scared to admit that I was right and they missed the boat!

I’ve tried to talk to the media numerous times about this. They poo pahed the ideas. I tried to sell seminars to school districts. They scoffed at me. I held open workshops and seminars for parents and other interested parents and no one attended because they couldn’t be bothered with the time!

Just one more place where I am ahead of my time in pronouncing the news to the world of better security. I’ve done that my entire career and take criticism for it or worse, ignored. Yeah well, such is the life of a forward thinking security professional!

Some of the items I discussed in the book are; Parental Responsibility, School Accountability, Video games, Security Measures, warning signs, and several other items that are being bandied about now. Access control, background checks, and other such fundamental things are just a few of the things I talk about.

One of the ‘radical’ ideas that I put forth is that the schools provide the local police departments with maps of the school interior. Additionally, plans for evacuation of the school warning s of active shooters. And (getting horrified 50’s monster movie look) students either fighting back or hiding! I know these are radical ideas, but I felt they needed to be adopted, and now sadly they are. It’s too bad that it is had taken nearly 100 kids being killed and/or wounded for that to happen.

If you want to know what I said in the book, it is available on Amazon as an e-book for only .99 cents. ‘Never to Grow Up: Preventing Violence in our Schools’ is the name of it. There is 4 books with a similar title, so make sure my name is next to it. 

Can a Life Coach prevent WPV?

January 18, 2013


Hi Everyone, It’s Mindy again. Today I wanted to take a few minutes of your time and talk about Life Coaching. Yes, I said Life Coaching. I own a Coaching business and am seeing more everyday how just offering this sounding board arena can improve the lives of others. I know you’re probably curious how that could ever relate to security or work place violence, but I believe it can.

Life Coaching is a resource available to anyone, they can even to some degree keep their

Unanimity. They have someone they can talk to openly about the issues in their life and steps they can take to work through those issues. These issues can range from addiction recovery, weight, marital/relationship, and self-esteem. Wouldn’t you agree that mentally healthy people are not the ones committing these work place violence crimes? I would.

Mentally healthy people are able to make more sound decisions and they are better equipped to deal with rejection and ridicule. Life coaching helps people learn to step past themselves and look at the picture from a broader lens. Sometimes when people are hurting or confused they can’t see past the situation at hand… the consequences.

While private therapy and counseling are also great options, those options

Are more expensive, require more time, and they require face time. It’s difficult to go and talk to a stranger about the things that ail you. You feel so exposed and maybe even judged. Life Coaching offers virtual coaching via the internet and sometimes the phone. I think most people would agree it’s

a bit easier to talk when you don’t feel so vulnerable. In conclusion, less frustrated, depressed, overworked, overwhelmed, esteemless individuals walking

around out there without an outlet the better. Stepping Past Ourselves is my business, but there are many different coaching services available, so if

you know someone who needs to talk but may not be open to “norm” options, maybe suggest an alternative, show them that you care. Quit being so caught up

in yourself and slow down to help someone who may just need one person, to care. The more of us who care, create more people with a support system which I believe will lead to less violent acts, be it at work or in school. The world is full of disappointments, so it is our duty as human beings to support

each other, even those who we might deem less than deserving. Too many people are quick to make snap judgments based on appearance, social status, or economic factors; I say stop judging and start reaching out. Who knows who you may help and maybe who may help you. We were all wired different for a reason

and having friends, and acquaintances that are different is a great way to expand yourself and who knows maybe you will be the one that someday prevents someone else from feeling all out of options and doing something drastic and then regretting it.


Stepping past ourselves is the business that Mindy now owns. It operates out of Gardner Kansas but thanks to the Internet they have clients from all over the globe. My credentials range from being a pastor to many life experiences. So when I say been there done that I mean it. And I know how to overcome it because I’ve done that too.

My husband is our recovery coach and his focus is on teenagers and you g adults. He is a recovered addict and knows just how hard it is to let go and move on and that is what makes his advice so on point, he’s not reading some book from college he’s speaking from a place to those who are there and will understand.

Contact them at 913-256-5688. Or you can email at steppingpastourselves@gmail com

Arming our Teachers – Good or Bad?

January 15, 2013


Since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in December a million different proposals have been floated and touted by millions of people. Some were just mud on the wall (see what sticks) and others have some merit.

One of the options being touted by the NRA, (National Rifle Association (is to place armed volunteers in every single school in the country. The debate has now become is that a good idea or not? I happen to believe that it is. And my opinion has changed since it was first floated in Arizona several years ago (maybe I’m just getting old, crusty, and set in my ways).

If we had an armed individual in every single school in this country, undoubtedly it would prevent some of those from attempting a shooting. It wouldn’t stop it all of course, but more on that later. Those who oppose have several valid viewpoints on why they do as well. Let me address those.

Their first argument is the cost of having armed offices at every school in the country. Yes, it would cost us more than a few pennies to operate this system. If you figure one officer, police or security, would cost an average of $30,000 per year. Now add the cost of taxes, benefits, & other such things the cost could easily balloon to well over $50,000 per year per year. Not many school districts in the country could afford that.

But why not allow volunteers to patrol the schools. If they are properly trained, at their expense, then the school would be safer. It is a known fact that many crimes are not committed because there is such a chance of being caught or discovered. Having an armed volunteer on campus would cut down on the cost, basically only workers compensation insurance for example.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona’s Maricopa County has started a volunteer program for all schools in the country that are his responsibility. There are many people who don’t like this idea. But let me ask them and you this question. What happens if an incident occurs and no one is there to prevent it? Who gets blamed then? The Sheriff’s Posse, as it is known, has already stopped one massive fight amongst students.

The second reason is that what happens if the school volunteer mistakes someone for an intruder and shoots them by mistake? Is there any doubt that it would be a tragedy about this? Absolutely not. And this was my reaction and opinion several years ago. But the question then becomes if a police/security officer makes the same mistake what is the difference? There is none. Both are sworn to protect the school and they made a mistake, tragic yes, but a mistake,

This is yet another reason for training of the volunteers and carriers of the weapons. Situational awareness, firearms training, warnings (no warning shots), looking for concealed weapons and suspicious behavior. Those are what the teachers/volunteers need to be trained in.

Another point I may make here is that the states with the safest schools in the country allow teachers to carry their firearms on-campus with the, Utah and Kansas. I might also note that whenever the sale and registration of firearms goes up – doesn’t matter the state – the rate of firearm violence goes down! Hmmm, m that should be a signal to those in the liberal side of thinking and the media.

Lastly, I believe that all teachers should be allowed to carry IF they want to. As long as they go thru the training, again at their expense, they should be allowed to carry. Over and above that members who are ex-military should be allowed to carry their firearms on-campus without all of that training, as long as they were in a combat unit.

When the Arizona legislature begins its new session soon, the bill will be proposed that will allow teachers to carry. I don’t necessarily agree with the wording that will be put forth, but it is better than nothing. Sheriff Paul Babeau of Pennell County Arizona has the best option I’ve heard. Arm all teachers if they want to be – much like my proposal above.

We need no more kids growing to school and being murdered by someone with an ax to grind against the students, teacher, school, district, or their parent (as in the case of Adam Lansa). And we also need to think about the bigger issue of having a comprehensive approach to preventing these incidents. Let’s look at responsibility, registration, criminals, mental health, & other things as well as legally purchase firearms.


And to the one point I forgot to mention above. If someone wants to die committing their atrocity, then the will do it no matter how many police/security officers are on site (suicide by cop is one the ways these perpetrators get out of paying for their crimes). And being realistic, if someone wants to commit a crime like this, they will and no one will stop them completely.

Zero Tolerance

January 11, 2013


One of my biggest bug-a-boo’s in the world today. To anyone you talk to a zero tolerance policy is a good thing to have, whether it be in a school or the workplace. There are innumerable people out there, ‘experts’, who will tell you that you absolutely positively have to have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to…everything!

But is that true? Of course not. How can it be true? Having a zero tolerance policy and following through with it can lead to embarrassment and possibly violent incident, something it was meant to avoid!

Late last year in Mesa Arizona the principal of Mesa High School was ridiculed and threatened with being fired for not following school district policy on zero tolerance. 2 of his students got into a fight on campus.

Instead of calling their parents and suspending them for 2 or 3 days he made a choice. He made the 2 young teens hold hands and become friends for an hour around the school. This went strictly against school district policy. Did it work? Yes it did, the boys, their parents, & the entire school praised this principal for what he did.

The same thing would go for a zero tolerance policy in the workplace. If an employee wanders by and picks up a partial conversation from others about shooting up or shooting up the place, they should turn it in. But should the employee who spoke it be suspended or terminated for making those statements? By most policies they should be. But what’s the context of what they were saying and what were they talking about?

A zero tolerance policy, by necessity, has to be tempered with common sense. And in 99% of all cases it isn’t done. As in the 6 year old in Maryland who was suspended for several days and would have a record following him around for another 12 years if this had been the case!

This poor kid, playing around, pointed his finger at another child and stated ‘I’m gonna shoot you’. For that the school’s policy was to suspend him for a week. Was that necessary? By a long shot NO!

When I was a kid, a very long time ago I’ll admit, we ran around and played all sorts of violent games on the playground during recess, before and after school. Cowboys and Indians, Army, spacemen and aliens, whatever.

Whatever the game we went around shooting and killing each other! And now kids can’t play games like that. Nor can they play a multitude of other games that I played that now have a bad connotation to them, but was fairly innocuous – smear the queer, dodge ball, and etc.

You would think with the number of doctorates and MBA’s running around in both our schools and businesses that we could be a tad more tolerant of what is happening. You would think that we could be a little more discerning in doling out punishment for a perceived wrong. But no we can’t. And why? Let me tell you.

We are so scared of being sued by little Johnny’s parents or Susie’s husband because we have a ‘hostile work environment’. We don’t want to take the time to try and look at these things without passing summary judgment. And too many times, that can cause a school or business to lose more money and have more embarrassment than the initial incident!

We all need to be paranoid about such things because of the world we live in. And we have to ensure that the policy, if it is flexible, isn’t handed out in a unequal fashion. As I stated above, a zero tolerance policy has to have the one thing that 99% of them don’t – common sense.

Our common sense, along with morals, strict standards on many things, higher grades, and the like, have gone the way of the Dodo bird! With the rise of liberalism in our society we have a tightening on things that shouldn’t be tightened down on i.e. free expression. And many times zero tolerance steps on the 1st Amendment.

Again, I’ll say it again, we need to paranoid. We need to look into and investigate these things. But should we automatically pass summary judgment and suspend or terminate either a student or employee for these things? No. We need to have the good judgment, common sense, and time to properly look at these before just passing the buck and blaming the ‘the policy’.

The power of Documentation & Corporate Culture

January 8, 2013


You may be asking why am I talking about the power of documentation and corporate culture in a blog that should be concerned with WPV? The answer is very simple. These are two things that can have a great and negative impact on the company and all employees. Maybe not today, tomorrow, or even next week, but it will have an effect if an employee (ex) walks in and wants to harm you and the other employees.

The Power of Documentation

This is one area that may be difficult for some employees and supervisors to even think about and why that is will be apparent in a minute or so. But you must start with teaching your employees that anything that is said must be documented in detail and original verbiage so that it can be handled by either HR, supervision/management.

This is where the uncomfortable part comes into effect. If an employee makes threats or is otherwise harassing co-workers, then the exact verbiage, with no asterisks, must be written down. It is unfortunate, but even if that employee uses all kinds of vulgar language and expletives the reporting employee/supervisor must write it down the way it was said. This is for several reasons.

The first and foremost is that employee must then ‘defend’ what they said to HR or a manager. There can be no wiggle room in the meaning of any words that were spoken. This may be uncomfortable for many people to do. If they are religious then it will be against their religious precepts. And even if they aren’t particularly religious it offend some to use such language.

But if the employee is terminated or dismissed because of this incident then they can argue, possibly successfully, that they didn’t say that and they mean’ to say this instead. This will throw doubt on the testimony of the co-worker into question and possibly cause the effect of no doubt into question. If that happens, then it may be thrown out and the dangerous employee re-instated.

If you seriously doubt that this would be the case, I urge you to look at recent arbitration cases in the news for stupidity. There are more than a few cases in 2012 that can be classified stupid and ruled in the favor of the offending employee for several reasons more trivial than wrong wording!

When talking about documentation you also have to have the date, time, and place where the incident was heard. If the co-worker over-heard it in the lunch room, then it must be stated that it was thereat approx. 12:15 PM on January 8, 2013. And it doesn’t matter where they heard it, even off duty. If they over-heard a conversation in a bar by the employee concerning their co-workers, then it must also be stated as such.

While it may be embarrassing for the co-workers they must be willing to write it down and report when they can. To not do so may endanger the lives of many other co-workers and the actual business itself. And if they were doing something nefarious themselves, then they will have to ‘out’ themselves as well to save lives.

Documentation is one of those vitally necessary things to prove in a court of law that you followed every possible recourse and that the employee was ‘destined’ for termination. All incidents involving employees all the fights, arguments, and so on must be documented every time. The supervisor needs to gather names of witnesses, exact times and dates, and what was said including the exact verbiage used even the expletives.

Corporate Culture

One thing that can cause workplace violence from current and former employee, dissatisfied customers and domestic violence is the corporate culture. Yes there are certain companies that promote workplace violence by the way they conduct their day to day business. First there are many companies that believe that it ‘can’t happen here’ so they refuse to deal with the possibility and create an atmosphere of intolerance. Companies with communication problems between management, floor supervisors, and the employee the lines of communication are closed and this never good.

You have to look carefully at your corporate culture to ensure that you’re allowing any of the attitudes that foster WPV to invade and be pervasive within your business and company culture. And if it started as sole proprietorship, then it may be a tad difficult for the owner to give up ‘absolute’ control over the business, but unfortunately they can’t operate it as ‘my way or the highway’.


So now I’ve given you a couple of other things to worry about in preventing WPV. Are you ready to try and prevent it or at least recognize that it’s possible?

Year End Summary of WPV

January 4, 2013

 Here we are starting another year. So full of excitement and anticipation of what may be this year. High hopes and expectations of a better life for us and our families. Unfortunately, it won’t be that way for far too many people and families.

Workplace Violence (WPV (will rear its ugly head once again. It will kill hundreds, whether it be in robberies or non-robbery, incidents. And it will wound many hundreds more. And even worse it will traumatize even more, thousands.

But we’re not gonna talk about the future for now. I want to inform you; at the beginning of this brand new shiny new year how bad the last one was for WPV. Remember that WPV is responsible for more than 17% of all workplace deaths. And suicide accounts for another 8% of those. That is a fairly alarming number to people.

In 2012 the numbers break down to this that I have recorded. And again remember, I don’t get all the incidents that occur everywhere across the country. And many incidents aren’t even accounted in the official statistics, i.e. those that happen at night clubs. SO I will break it down by the numbers to make it simple for you and anyone reading this;

Number of incidents: 110


Number of those killed in non-robbery WPV: 108


Number wounded in the same incidents: 164


Number of states where incidents occurred:34

(and this may not be all incidents, just the ones I know of. There is no doubt in my mind that ALL states have had at least one incident)


State with the most incidents I’ve got:Arizona (15)

(Remember, I only get a limited number in the newsand I live in the AZ.)


Listed below is the list of incidents that I’ve collected from Arizona. I will also add, also below a list of every incident that I’ve collected this year. I have only listed the city not the incident itself.

The reasoning’s for these go far beyond the ‘gun’ control issue. They dovetail into the warning signs, mental health, economy, and many other factors. There is never just one reason why an incident occurs in a non-robbery event.

It takes a comprehensive and complete approach to solving this and ‘connecting g the dots’. No one issue can be blamed in all cases. Neither can he idea that someone ‘just snaps’ that never happens.

The solution is not complicated. Lots of people, including security professionals, try to make it that way for their own job protection. But the truth is it isn’t. It is time consuming and nothing else – and most companies simply don’t have the time or money to devote to it.

Hopefully my book will help many small and large companies an incident.




Phoenix Feb. 21st 1W

Phoenix April 9 1W

Chandler April 11 1W

Scottsdale April 23 1D

Phoenix May 24th 2W

CottonwoodMay 25th 0

Mesa June 29 0

Phoenix July 15 1 D

Phoenix July 15 1 W

GlendaleSeptemmber 5 0

Tempe September 14 1 D

ChandlerOctober 6 1 W

Bullhead CityNovember 2 1W

MaricopaNovember 271D

Casa Grande November 30 0

Laveen, December 11 1 D



Barstow, CA. January 12 0

Starr, NC Jan13th 4 D 1 W

Middletown, NY Feb. 8th 2 D 2 W

Norcross, GA. Feb.21st 5D

Long Beach, CA Feb 16th 1D 1W

Richmond, VA. February 22 – 2 incidents 2D 1W

Albany, NY. March 0

Jacksonville, FL. Mar 6th 2D

Bellingham, WA. Mar 8th 0

Pittsburgh, PA. Mar.8th 2D 7W


Dallas, TX. Mar 9th 0

Chicago, IL. Mar. 9th 2W

Columbus, Ohio Mar. 16th 5W

New Jersey Mar. 16th 0

Beaumont, Tx. 2D 3W

Woodland Hills, CA Mar. 19th 1D

Jet Blue Mar.27 0

US Airlines Mar. 28

Los Angelas LAX, April 17th

York County, PA. April 29 3W

New York City April 30- 7 sites/incidents 0

Ellicott City, Nd. May 3 3D

Louisville, Ky.Churchill Downs May 4 1D

Gwinnett, GA. May 2 1W

Batavia, Il May 21 1W

Kittery, ME. May 22nd 0

Topeka, KS. May 23rd 2W

Valporaiso, In. May 25th 1D

Florence, Ky.May 29 1 D

Seattle, WA. May 30th 6D 1W

Sandy Springs GA. June 7 1D

Hillsboro, Or. June 7

Alliance, NE June 13 1 D4W

Buffalo, NY June 13 1D

McKeesport, PA. June 23 1D 1W

Fort Bragg, NC. June 292D 1W

Concord, NC. July 10 1 D

Tuscaloosa, AL. July 16 17 W

St. George, UT. July 17 2 D

Charlotte, NC. July 2W

Aurora, CO. July 20 13 D 59W

Pine Bluff, AR. July 23 1 D

Manteno (Chicago) July 25 1 W

Crofton, Md. July 26 0

Muscatine, IA August 3 1 W

Akron, OH August 4 1 D

Brookhaven, NY August 5 0

Nanuet, NY. August 8 1 W

Houston, Tx. August 8 1 D

New Castle, De. August 8 0

Wauna, WA. August 11 3 W

Washington DC August 15 1W

New York City August 25 2D 10W

Baton Rouge, LA. August 26 1 D

Old Bridge, NJ August 31 3 D

Nashville, TN. September 9

Philadelphia, Pa. September 11 0

Pittsburgh, Pa. September 21 0

Minneapolis, Mn. September 27 6 D4 W

Auburn, Wa. October 5

Wichita Falls, Tx. October 17

Denver, Co.October 17 5 D

Castleberry, Fl October 18 4 D1 W

Arlington, Va. October 18 0

Brookfield, Wi October 2 4D 4W

Atlanta, Ga. October 24 1 W

Atlanta, Ga. November 1

Chester County, Pa. November 1 1 W

Fresno, Ca. November 6 3 D 3 W

Bolivar, Mo. November 16 0

Hollywood, Ca.(X Factor) 0

New York City November 21 3D

Aurora, Co. November 23 0

Houston, Tx. November 24 1D

Albuquerque, NM. November 29 1D

Kansas City, Mo. December 1 2D

Baltimore, Md. December 5 1W

Cleveland, Oh December 9 2D

Houston, Tx. UNK 1W

Portland, OrDecember 11 3D 1 W

Birmingham, Al. December 14 1D 3W

Newport Beach, Ca. December 15 0

San Antonio, Tx. December 16 2 W

Schuylkill County, Pa December 18

Vernon, Ct. December 18

Webster, NY December 24

Sacremento, Ca