It Can’t Happen Here – Can It?

by todaystrainingblog

December 21, 2012


It’s been a week since the tragic events in New town Connecticut. 20 children, all under the age of 8 were killed by a mentally unstable 20 year old. To top that he also killed 6 more people in Sandy Hook Elementary School. But before that he killed his own mother and then to end it all he killed himself.

Apparently, the school district took every pain to ensure the kids safety. They had a written disaster plan. They’d practiced it. Teachers and other staff having been further trained on an active shooter/disaster situation. However, one thing that they didn’t count on. It could actually happen in tiny New Town. They had implemented many of the suggestions I’d made in my book ‘Never to Grow Up’. But one thing they never counted on or practiced for

That one little thing is what often is over looked in every incident of either SV or WPV. They never thought it could happen to them. The most dangerous attitude of all was present in the school district, employees, and the parents – CHH.

No one ever thought that they would have an active shooter in their school. Not the students, teachers, administrators, district, or the parents. And yet it did. And now, is the finger pointing over what went wrong. And I can tell you one thing that went wrong, maybe 2

The shooter was mentally unstable. He was jealous of his mother and father getting divorced and his mother, a former teacher, volunteering at Sandy Hook. He walked to the school numerous and disturbed her and her work. His neighbors stated, after the fact, that they thought there was something wrong with him. He had many of the classic signs of a shooter. And as usual, no one did anything to ‘connect the dots’ and figure it out (thank God he’s not my kid/problem).

The other is just as simple. They all fell into the CHH attitude, It Can’t Happen Here. They trained and trained. They went through all the necessary steps. But did they even for a second believe that it would happen? In my experience, no they didn’t so therefore they ignored things that they’ll notice when they review the incident over the conference table in 6 months.

That is the sad part of all of this is that no one saw it happening from the beginning when they could have stopped it. Remember, if you don’t connect the dots then we are ignoring the warning signs. And no amount of security will ever stop a determined person from killing out loved ones.

Now, the media and so many others are talking about curtailing our 2nd Amendment rights. Is this a larger plot by the Democrats? Under Jimmy Carter we eliminated funding for mental health facilities by more than 80% in the late 70’s. Now that people have no place to go to figure out what’s happening in their heads and get the proper care…

These ner’do wells are by no means all crazy. Most of these murderers of men, women, & children are perfectly sane. But we rush to judgment so often and look for someone to blame it’s always the video games/movies/music, or firearms are too easy to get, or they were just crazy and ‘snapped’ (please).

The fact of the matter is that there is usually not a single reason why people do these mass shootings. Are some having mental issues? Of course, of that there is no doubt! But there are a multitude of other reasons why they do these horrible things and usually it’s the warning signs that all fall inline together and align before they do. That’s why it is so important to ‘connect the dots’ and tell someone.