A security expert’s view of ‘gun control’

by todaystrainingblog

December 18, 2012


Every time there is a shooting in the workplace or in schools, the liberals and the media have a feeding frenzy on gun control. They want to ban all firearms and keep that control for themselves and their cronies.

On Friday, after the shooting in New Town Ct. Representative Knadler of New York stated for the New York Times, a notoriously conservative newspaper, that President Obama needs to take advantage of the situation to push for more ‘gun control. Why is that not surprising?

In both Portland Or. And New Town last week the firearms were stolen from their owners. One was a friend of the shooter and the other murdered his mother with HER legally owned firearms. So, how would gun control stop these incidents? They wouldn’t, not one iota. Let me put this in front of you this way.

We can’t stop illegal immigration or drug smuggling from across the border. We can’t stop terrorism around the world. So how is banning firearms going to stop these incidents? It won’t. No matter what we do, the criminals will always have access to firearms. That’s not so you say.

Then you have to answer this one itty bitty question that nags me to no end. If felons aren’t supposed to have firearms, nor illegal immigrants, then how do we arrest so many of them with firearms? Fresno California last month. For example. Look at the arrests of everyone accused of using a firearm, you’ll find innumerable incidents of felons having committed a crime with a firearm! Which of course is not supposed to be. And the argument that if we ban them then no one will have them. That is laughable!

We have had violence in our world since Adam and Eve were forced out of paradise, God punished them harshly for their transgressions and banished them forcibly form the garden. It started then and continues to this day. If we ban firearms then criminals will just find another way to commit their crimes. But not with a firearm the liberals scram!

This may be true, but what other items will we ban when they start causing crime and death? Knives, pencils screwdrivers, pipe wrenches? What about cars? Alcohol – it’s dangerous too you know. Now I’m being ridiculous you say.

A firearm is not dangerous, unless it’s used improperly, is that correct? In the same way both vehicles and alcohol are the same. If used improperly cars and booze are just as dangerous as firearms. Why not ban them completely as well? Just support the government in its attempt to turn the United States into a ‘nanny state’.

I won’t even go into the issue of attempting to overturn the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. Think that is impossible? There are movements afoot to re—write the Constitution and take away many of the Bill of Rights. Freedom of speech, expression, religion, assembly, the right to bear arms, the right to confront our accusers, and many others. This is a troubling sign of liberals taking over the media and the country. All they want is complete and total control of our lives.

As a patriotic citizen we can’t let that happen. And yet we keep re-electing them to power. There is no such thing as gun control in the world. The places that have strictest laws regarding firearms can have some of the worst murders you’ll see. Look at Norway. They have some of the strictest laws in the world for firearms remember what happened in 2010?

A man, fighting to keep Muslims out of Norway shot and killed more than 70 people at a camp for young people. How is that keeping a lid on firearms in a country where they are banned? Look at the statistics of open carry states. Those with open carry laws have lower violent crime rates than those with strict firearm laws!

Look at Oklahoma, Arizona, Alabama, Alaska, & Texas. Compare their violent crime rates with California, New York, Michigan, and Illinois. They have the most population, but also have, per capita, the highest rates of violent crime. And have the most restrictive firearm laws in the country!

As Benjamin Disraeli, British politician, stated in the late 19th century. I may not agree with what you say, but I will fight to the death your right to say it! This goes for firearms as well.