Why Can’t We put it together?

by todaystrainingblog

December 14, 2012


It seems that no matter what we do we can’t seem to put it all together and stop the sort of madness that we saw last week. Why can’t we? It seems simple enough and everyone, after the fact, says we should have seen it.

In Portland Oregon, a young man walked into a shopping center and shot and killed 2 people and wounded a teenage girl. No one seems to know why, at least the talking heads/experts on TV and radio. I can tell you why, if anyone is listening and reading.

As I have said for years, the warning signs are always there. It’s whether we decide to act upon or ignore those signs. And in the Portland case and the tragic incident in Newport Connecticut there were signs that something was wrong.

But because of the litigious society we live in, no one wants to step forward and say anything against someone else because they’re afraid of being sued for defamation! The signs are there but no one wants to be sued or seen as a rabble rouser.

There are a myriad of other excuses why people don’t say or do anything as well. I’ve talked about them in the past. But when these things are so blatant as they were in Portland and Newport, I would have thought someone would have done something. So you’re asking what do I see that no one else does, except those of us that deal with the ne’r do wells of society. Let me tell you.

In Portland, the young man sold everything he owned, quit his job and, supposedly, bought a ticket for Hawaii. He was going to move there. He then missed his flight because he got drunk. That’s a little unusual don’t you think. After all, how many people would get drunk and miss their flight and dreams of a new life?

Then his mother comes forward and says that she’s been worried about him for a long time. Why? His drug use over the past decade. He bought several firearms the week before the shooting and then got rid of them, according to a friend. He was going to go shooting with the friend the day before the shooting.

His My Space page had several cryptic comments as well. They have even said that they were not like him. This is not mentioning the one poetic line that had a cross through it.

In Connecticut, another young man, this one only 20, went into an elementary school and started shooting people. When he was done, he had killed 28 people. 8 adults, including his mother at home, and 20 children! How could someone do this you ask? Hmmm, let’s look at that.

From the limited information I’ve learned so far he was mentally ill. His mother, whom he was living with, was a school teacher. To me it seems all too apparent that he had issue with his mother, in his mental state.

And because she was a teacher, he took out his actions on a school. If you’re mentally ill, then none of the things you do are very rational when it comes to these actions. I’m sure that as time rolls on, you’ll find out more about both of these young men. And not all of it will be good.

Ah, one last thing about it. Everyone around them, at least interviewed so far, said that ‘He was a good boy. So friendly and willing to help’. I certainly believe that that is one thing you’ll hear about 99% of all cases of either WPV or SV.

More information on what I’ve said in the past, check the past postings in this blog.