One is too Many

by todaystrainingblog

December 7, 2012


                Well, it’s almost done and complete. My book on workplace violence that is. The title, as the title of this post, is ‘One is too Many: Recognizing & Preventing Workplace Violence’.

                It hasn’t taken that long to write, compared to other writers. To be arrogant, I could say that it’s because I’m so much better than they are. But being realistic I will say that I am enthused about the project and my expertise in the field and that I want my ideas to get out there.

                It’s divided into 3 sections and each is fairly long. In fact the entire book is longer than I wanted it to be, but that’s because I’ve ran into both clarification and explanatory modes. The sections, hopefully, will make it an easier read than you may think.

                The first section is the introductory section. Talking about statistics, what is and isn’t WPV and the differing types of it. This is where my ideas may come into conflict with so many others. Things that I’ve thought of as WPV for years and are just now becoming recognized and talked about from other ‘experts’.

                Section 2 focuses on the differing warning signs of WPV. I will tell you, without letting the kitty out of the burlap, that there are 21 of these warning signs. It’s up to each and every member of society and the business to connect the dots and figure it out. Either ignore the signs or fall victim to them.

                The last section is for prevention. Taking into account so many of the different ways to prevent an incident of WPV. Will these methods fully eliminate the possibility of it? Not on your life.

                Being realistic, nothing can ever prevent anything from happening. No matter what you do there will always be the possibility of an incident occurring. I am hopefully giving you the information you need to at least ‘lessen the liability and reduce the risk’.

                I am grateful that I have a list of professionals that I am going to rely on to give me feedback on this book. They are going to read and make suggestions to me for changes, deletions, or additions to each chapter and/or paragraph. People who are in security, HR, front line employees, & even those not even in the security or HR field. I have no doubt that this diverse group will help me ‘perfect’ the book to its fullest extent possible, and then sell 100 million copies so I can retire and live on Maui!

                Actually, I would be happy if this book helps save lives. And even if that’s only because it blocked a bullet and not of the ideas I put forth. At the very least spark a conversation and discussion in companies, large and small.