Re-defining SV

by todaystrainingblog

November 30

This is a question that everyone should ask when their child is at school and also one that

demands an answer from the school administrators. And if you have an interest in keeping our kid’s safe while they area school, then you should ask this question. And before you say anything I know exactly what you’ll say, because I’ve heard it dozens of times before!

SV is when one student bullies or physically assaults another. Well, I hate to tell you

This, but you are wrong. But then again, most all school administrators, some security professionals, not to mention the so-called experts are as well. Violence in our school is much more than that and it may surprise you about the complete open honest truth.

Look at our world today and you’ll see what I mean. Did you see the incident that occurred in Miami just before Thanksgiving? A young girl was shot and killed on the school bus on her way home.  This should have been considered SV and most people didn’t acknowledge it as such. But it was violent and it did happen on school property. And it doesn’t matter that it was all an accident by a stupid young man, showing off a firearm he had brought from home.

SV is any incident that results in the assault on a student. This can be a threat, harassment, bullying, verbal or physical assault – and this has many avenues as well. And the surprising aspect of this is that it can happen both on AND off the school campus. Yes I said off campus as well.

If an incident occurs because it started at school it is school violence. If it ends at school or on the way to or from because it started at school, then it is school violence. It doesn’t matter whether or not anyone believes it so or not, it is. If your child is beaten up after school because of an argument at school, what do you think?

We need to examine what we consider violence in our schools and how we can deal with the bullying and violence that occurs in schools. And then obviously, we need to examine any incident that occurs off campus to one of our kids. Our kids are more vulnerable off campus traveling to and from school than actually at school.

And how do we do this? The first thing we have to do is train people to learn the warning signs and connect the dots in discussing violence. The conversation can’t stop at the property limit. Nor can parents, guardians, and others be absolved of their responsibility in preventing school violence. We are all too blame for this issue not just the school.

There are many things that schools and parents need to do to help prevent violence. It can’t be legislated away. It can’t be solved with metal detectors or locking the kids up all day and strip searching them. And it can’t be solved by turning the schools into gulags. It takes time and training of everyone concerned to learn and deal with the problem.


Robert D. Sollars has more than 29 years of experience in the security field and now owns his own company in Mesa. Today’s Training LLC is a training & consulting company that specializes in workplace & school violence prevention.