The ‘Fiscal Cliff’ & WPV

by todaystrainingblog

November 27, 2012


The ‘Fiscal Cliff’ & WPV


The election is over. President Obama has been re-elected and one of his major points of emphasis was to stop the country from going over the ‘fiscal cliff’. I will say, briefly, that his plan is irresponsible. But over and above that that what does it mean for the average businessman and American business and free enterprise?

I will state emphatically, as the President does about raising taxes and Republicans adamantly against that idea that workplace violence will start climbing in the near future. Of this I can and will guarantee you. And if you wish you can quote me on that.

My reasoning for this is simple and easily explainable. No matter what happens with the ‘fiscal cliff’ people will be under much more stress and become more depressed than ever with their situations. Be it economic or otherwise they will increasingly become more ‘tightly strung’.

When people begin to get more tightly strung, then they can ‘snap’ at the drop of a hat (and remember no one just ever snaps). It’s generally because co-workers have missed connecting the dots and seeing the warning signs of what is about to happen.

Employees will surely begin to feel more like trapped rats, raccoons, or worse a badger (no insult to those from Wisconsin). They will feel like they’ve been backed into a corner and when one of these animals feel that threatened, frustrated, & trapped in a ‘no-win’ situation they will, 100% of the time. Lash out and attack.

When they do this then people will get hurt. And you must remember that WPV isn’t just murder. It’s any type of violence that occurs at work or because of work.

WPV takes in a multitude of violent acts in the workplace. From a verbal assault in a fit of rage to throwing a pencil, stapler, or even a Kleenex (if it’s done in anger of course). The report that came out from the University of South Florida, I believe, tells us that 50% of us will be threatened and harassed/bullied. The same report also states that 10% of us will be, not could but will, assaulted this coming year. That report came out in 2008, but it is true then and will be even truer in 2013.

And you should also look for an increase in School violence in the coming year as well, especially in the 2013/14 school year. Why is that you ask? Think about it for a second. Do not kids, especially younger ones and teens, absorb what they’re parents are thinking, doing, and acting upon?

If the parents stress levels begin to increase then it only makes sense that the children’s stress level will also increase. And remember that kids don’t handle the pressures as well as adults do, not that many adults handle it all!

The idea of SV is also only murder or bringing a firearm into school is also false. Bullying, harassing, and other such behaviors will increase that can be considered SV.

And I can guarantee you one thing about this trend. The ‘talking heads’ and others in the media, as well as the government will have no clue as to what is going on with either WPV or SV. There will be another round, after round after round, of hand wringing and denials as well as those who say ‘We had no idea’.

This may not happen immediately, in the first couple of months of the year, but it will happen. Of this I can, once again guarantee you. And American business and schools will be caught off guard and un-prepared for what happens. And they will say that they were prepared but they didn’t see it coming and therefore they should be absolved.

Be it a business, governmental agency, or a school I can’t and will not absolve anyone of their responsibility in this matter. As I say in my book ‘One is too Many’ you need to keep your eyes on the prize. This meaning that a constant watch and alert status, at least in your mind, what is happening and what may happen.