HOME SAFETY and Security

by todaystrainingblog

November 23, 2012


HOME SAFETY and Security


Just a few points on this one.


  1. Don’t      overload extension cords or put them under rugs. If the cord develops a      short it will surely                        melt      the lining of the cord then start the rug on fire.
  2. Always      check for frayed cords or non-functioning lights. Never try to get ‘one      more year’ out of that old cord. Safety first your family is worth a few      dollars for a new cord. And while you love your ‘Uncle Buck’ don’t use the      cord he ‘fixed’ as good as new.
  3. Don’t      set the tree too close to a heat source. Which includes a Southern      exposure window, space heaters, fireplaces and overlooked wall sockets,      all you smokers—step away from the tree.
  4. And if      you use a real tree, ensure that it gets plenty of water. The trick is to      hydrate before you bring it into the house. My father would take a little      off the bottom of the tree, drop it into a bucket of water and let it soak      overnight before bringing it into the house. It was my job as a kid to      check the tree twice a day for water. If it was low I was to refill. We      usually had our trees from the beginning of December to mid—January and      only just before we took it down did it start to lose needles. That is if      I did my job right.
  5. Studies      have shown that Christmas trees artificial or real can become a blow torch      in less than 10 seconds. Destroying at the very least your holiday if not      your home.


Lastly, don’t place the presents under the tree until Christmas Eve or morning. There are two reasons for this #1 is burglaries continue to troll for victims even Christmas Eve. And if they see that you’ve packed your tree with gifts, then their list is complete. If your tree is in your front window then a quick smash and grab by them and your presents are gone to be re-gifted to their family. If you really need to have brightly wrapped presents under your tree before Christmas morning, use empty boxes. Just remember to switch them out Christmas morning.

#2 if you have cats or puppies running loose in your house you’ll never know whose package belongs to whom, after all the tags and ribbons are gone. Just think of the horror when 7 year old Jimmy opens his long awaited for Star Trek uniform and finds a pink flannel nightie meant for Grandma! (Bring on the therapy bills)





Christmas is not only the season for remembering the birth of Jesus, but also a blizzard of stress, anxiety, depression, and anger. People tend to get overly aggressive and their powder kegs have shorter fuses. Just be aware that December is of the most tragic times for murder in the workplace as well as at home. And may I add malls, road rage, and etc. If you see a situation arising, do what has to be done to defuse it or remove yourself from the area.


Remember that being rude, aggressive, and unprofessional can ‘force’ someone to take a violence attitude with either you or a coworker. If someone gets loud, abusive, or violent don’t be afraid to call for backup—coworkers, managers, security, or police. Christmas is the time for joy don’t spread the Scrooge philosophy and leave your family planning a much sadder event during the holiday season.


Well, I think I’ve brought you enough Christmas depression as I can.

And I leave you with this  I hope that you have a very Happy Holiday Season, that it be filled with health, smiles, family, warmth, prayers for the less fortunate, and our servicemen and women in harms way through out the world, and that you and yours stay safe. And we keep the reason for the season forever in our hearts.