Credit Cards and Cyber Shopping

by todaystrainingblog

November 22, 2012

Credit Cards and Cyber Shopping


            Well I’m sure you’ll hear a lot about credit card fraud this time of year – like always. But, even security pros need reminding at times, so I’ll let everyone know. Keep a close watch on them. It can be real easy for someone to grab your wallet or purse, but just as easy is being in a hurry and NOT taking our receipts – many receipts have your card number, address, name, and what you bought on it. A thief having that receipt has your identity.


If you happen to encounter an old fashioned credit card machine this year – and yes, there are places where you might – always take the carbon paper. Don’t trust the retailer is going to throw it away safely. Be in charge of your information.


Lastly, more and more people are using the internet to shop and purchase those hard to find Christmas presents. It is safe and quicker than driving to the mall, no crowds (my favorite) and best of all you can shop in your skivvies. However there are certain rules you need to follow to keep your credit/debit card safe.

  • Be      leery of websites, is it really secure. A little padlock in the bottom      right hand corner can be your first clue. If it is not locked (closed)      then the site is not secure.
  • Follow      no links to websites that come unsolicited to you via email. There have      been numerous reports of nearly identical but fraudulent websites that      will install malicious software/worms/viruses to compromise your computer      besides stealing your personal information.
  • Be      sure you enter the website address accurately or you may end up at one of      those malicious sites.
  • Don’t      shop on-line with a wireless router. It opens you up to having your      information stolen by the thief just driving by your neighborhood. TJ Max,      Office Max and a few other large retailers lost over 18 million      debit/credit card numbers to thieves because they used wireless routers to      send the information to their corporate offices. If it can happen to them      it can happen to you. Understandably the lure of sitting at your local coffee      shop enjoying a latte and surfing the net for Christmas presents sounds      fun and relaxing but the cost to your bank account could be most      unpleasant indeed.


Should you become the victim of a thief do you have your credit card numbers, companies and their telephone numbers readily available? You need to notify the credit card companies immediately or you could become liable for the money the thief charged on your card. Make sure you’ve signed the back of your cards, while it is rare for cashiers to check the signatures some do follow procedure.