Parrot Heads, Elections, & Kidneys

by todaystrainingblog

October 30, 2012


‘Tis the season to start getting silly and having fun no matter what. Even though I’m a flat out security professional, I need to be silly as well. Therefore, here are just a few tidbits that aren’t large enough for posts by themselves, but all together they make up a good post – I hope.

How many of you are Parrot heads? Do you even know what a Parrot head is? A Parrot head is a person who enjoys Jimmy Buffett and can sing along with all his songs. I am avowed Parrot head myself, but someone close to me has been a closet Parrot head and now has to admit it!

We went to the Jimmy Buffett concert in Las Vegas this past weekend. While the time in Vegas was not that enjoyable, the concert was absolutely fantastic! Anyway, the person who said she wasn’t a Parrot head is Eileen!

She has told me for years that she didn’t like Buffett that well and was only going to see him because of me. She wanted to do something for me for several reasons, including my kidneys, but I digress – ever notice I do that a lot? Anyway, we were sitting there at the MGM Grand Saturday night listening to Jimmy giving his soooo human and audience loving performance.

When he started singing his hits, she sang along with him! She knew all the words to every song he sang! She knew more of the words than I did! It was wonderful to hear her voice ringing out with everybody else’s there (she has a beautiful voice).

Jimmy sang every song off of his CD (album, cassette, & 8 track) ‘Songs You Know By Heart’.  The only one he didn’t sing was ‘He Went to Paris’.

And while, every singer doesn’t sing songs in concert like they did in the studio, this one was different. I enjoyed them that way. And I have to say that the songs on that CD can tell you a lot about life.

From Margaritaville to Son of a Son of a Sailor to Come Monday to Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes. Every song he wrote and sings has something profound to say. And you can always find something in them to relate to your own life.

I said earlier that I didn’t like Vegas that well, here’s the reason I say that. On Saturday afternoon we went to ‘The Strip’ to walk around and shop. While I didn’t mind being in the company of a couple of ‘gatherers’ and not doing the hunter thing (find shirt, kill shirt, take home shirt), the crowds were irritating!

People would walk in front of me, trip over my cane (and then blame me with a dirty look), cut in front while we’re walking, and generally being rude to a blind guy trying to enjoy himself with his beautiful wife. I felt like going all Klingon on everybody!

It took us more than 3 hours to walk a mile and a half! That’s ridiculous! I can walk to the store and back in about a half hour – and that’s a mile! I did call the CVB and told them but there isn’t a whole lot they can do.

All in all it was a decent weekend for me. I got to go on a trip and see one of all time favorite performers. Got a couple of new t-shirts, like I really needed any more, and a cup that looks like a margarita pitcher – perfect for the desk! Stayed in a hotel room with 2 beautiful women (and get your minds outa the gutter) and even got to play the slots at the casino!


Next Tuesday as you read this posting it’ll be election day, get out and show your freedom and choose to vote. Don’t be a socialist living in Venezuela or a communist in Russia/North Korea. Make your vote count and get out there. Either show satisfaction or dis-satisfaction.

Lastly, I want to encourage everyone out there to be tested for organ donation. I am in need of a new kidney, one of the reasons I went to Vegas now. Even if you sign the donor card for after you pass on in a number of years, it’ll help someone else, including your family. You can donate your liver or kidney to a person you know, as long as you’re compatible. 1,700 people in Arizona are in need of a kidney transplant and the stats say that 204 of them will die before getting a suitable one.