Why is Security Important?

by todaystrainingblog

October 26, 2012

One of my favorite radio shows was a business call-in show. ‘The John Adam Show’ was a popular one with those of us who were in business and wanted to get advice and not have a lot of time to spend on it.

As a matter of fact, I was a regular on the show before my first company closed at the end of 2008, when the economy tanked. It was fun and interesting and talk about security on a show that had distribution across the country. I digress, on to the subject.

I was listening one day, a week after I had made a guest appearance, and heard a comment from one of John’s regular contributors at the time. The individual was talented and very successful in his field. But he made the most asinine comment I have ever heard from someone about the security field.

“Security is useless. The only reason we have security around is because they are constantly scaring us into believing that we need them. If we didn’t have security around us, what’s the worst that could happen? If we didn’t spend money on that garbage we’d have more money to grow our businesses!” I literally gasped at the remark and wrote John a letter and let him know what I thought of that!

Now being serious about this and not overly ‘protective’ of my career field or overly paranoid about remarks like that I’ll tell you why we need security in today’s world. So, all you managers out there, business owners, and anyone else who think security is a cost center and not a profit center.

Relating to my business specifically, workplace violence is a very serious issue for any business of any size. It can happen in business with as few as 10 employees and obviously large multi-national corporations and the federal government.

Is it a fore gone conclusion that you’ll have an incident in your business? No, it’s not. In fact the incidence of workplace violence is way down from its high point in the 90’s. But it is still a danger to any business, any-where, any time, for any reason.

If you have 10 employees who witness a murder at your site let me tell you what the financial impact can be. This is an average number of course and every single case will be different. But if you have 10 witnesses and 1 death you could be looking at a hit of around $6.5 MILLION. The question then becomes, how much will your insurance cover?

As for theft in the workplace, most thefts are committed by employees accounting for roughly 81% of all losses. Losses in the retail sector is over $150 BILLION per year! How much lower would that Double Mocha Latte’ be if loss wasn’t counted in by theft?

Crime was up by nearly 50% in 2011 according to the Uniformed Crime Index compiled by the FBI. Assaults, theft, arson, fraud, and etc. are all included in those numbers. And because they’re afraid of being caught, how many illegals don’t report personal or property crimes?

If that ‘business expert’ would do his research about security, he’d know those numbers as well. Too many people who are experts in business are quick to disregard security professionals as simple-minded, plodding, and paranoid fools. Yet, we are expected to treat every word they say as gospel, whether they are speaking proven facts or prognosticating.

Security is as important as a business keeping accurate records of what they’ve spent and earned. And some businesses don’t even do that very well. Have you seen the recent reports of churches and other businesses without adequate procedures for their finances? Several of them have lost millions before catching the perpetrator! And after conviction, how much will they really recover and how much will they be reimbursed by insurance?

In a perfect world, there would be no place for me and the millions of people who provide protection, in one fashion or another, to the world and companies. And that would be okay by me if my job was to go the way of dinosaur. That simply means a couple of things could have happened.

#1 is that we’ve entered the Star Trek universe. WE could all be dead and buried and living a dream in heaven (or where ever – according to your beliefs. Or the world has ended and Jesus is ruling the world from his heavenly throne. But I don’t think any of those are accurate or will be any time soon.

Our jobs in security, when done right and with the professional diligence YOU deserve, are vitally important to everyone we’re around. In financial and physical terms we need to be here for you and your companies, not to mention your employees.

Where would we be without the police, highway patrol, border patrol, and others in law enforcement? Far up a creek and headed to the ends of the Earth because we don’t have a paddle! There are security for the masses like we as security professionals are to individual businesses.

Want to know more or even why it’s important to your business? Call or write me. Or you could find a security professional in your neck of the woods to talk to. Questions, comments, suggestions?