What Side of the Fence are You On?

by todaystrainingblog

October 23, 2012


Two weeks from today is Election Day. We get to choose a President as well as numerous congressional representatives and a senator. And that’s just in Arizona.

The ballot is long and involved. It will take the average person more than an hour to go through it and carefully consider everything in it. Much less if you’ve studied the issues in depth. Or in my case, know which side of the fence you’re on.

Let me be completely up front with my political persuasion, as I am with most everything else I do. I do business this way because unless I hurt someone’s feelings I don’t really care what you think of me! You can think of me as a chauvinist pig, hitleresque, radical, or other-wise. Now that I’ve digressed, on with the rest.

I am a conservative Republican. Someone told me years ago that some-times I’m so conservative that I make Pat Robertson look like a drag queen! Just calling me a conservative is not enough, though

I prefer to call myself a Republitarian. Taking in the best of both the Republicans and libertarians. Now that I’ve thoroughly confused or enraged you, let me explain a bit.

I have to tell you that I firmly believe in the Star Trek vision of the future. I would like everyone to get along and work for the betterment of mankind, no matter your skin color or ethnicity – whether you’re black, white, purple, or green I could care less!

Most people would therefore believe that I am a very liberal Democrat, but obviously I’m not. I do have a couple of liberal ideas in this shaved head, but not enough to make me on that side of the fence.

I would love to have the whole world lay down its arms and ammunition. I want everyone to love each other and help one another to achieve their highest desires. I want everyone to live their lives the way they want. However, in this world we live in, that’s not possible, at least not at this point in history.

If you know anything about Star Trek, it took another world war and more than billion people dead. Years after we started to work together and overcome all of our problems i.e. poverty, health care, employment, enjoyment of the finer things, and etc. Do we want another worse and devastating war to bring us there? I don’t think so.

Having high moral standards and ethics is a very fine and grandiose idea. It’s unfortunate that the world doesn’t see it that way. If the United States takes the lead in peace, then there are a number of countries that just waiting to pounce on that weakness and tear us down into something we’re not nor ever wanted to be.

The list of enemies we have that say they would follow us and the do it are few and far in between. Look at the nations that are arrayed against us, even only in policies and acts.

Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador, (and others in South America), Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, (and many others in Africa), Russia, China, Greece, Iran, Pakistan, China, Burma, should I go on? Some of these who are against us proclaim themselves to be friends.

I believe that President Obama is an apologist for America. He bends over backwards to please the world. He said 4 years ago he wanted to bring us together, has he done it? Not by a long shot. We are more divided now than ever before.

Liberal vs. conservative, Democrat vs. Republican, white vs. black, rich vs. poor. Those who have and those who don’t. Do I feel like victim of corporate America and Wall Street?

I do feel like a victim but not from capitalism. The victimhood I claim is from the liberals and Democrats. If you’re a white conservative Republican, the you are obviously a racist Uncle Tom who want to keep the masses down for our own money and enjoyment to bully around.

As I said above the election is 2 weeks from today. Which side of fence on you on. Will you vote? If not you shouldn’t say a word about anything that occurs in this country. Do you want a deficit so large we’ll be like Greece in less than 10 years?

Do you want a government that intrudes on everything you do whether you want them to or not (and they are monitoring your electronics at this moment). Do you want to depend on the government to ‘make your business or do you want the chance to do it yourself?

These are just a few of the issues at stake on November 6. I have cast my ballot and almost to a candidate I voted Republican – mainly to keep the Democrats out. Fewer taxes and more freedom. And I certainly don’t believe what Janis Joplin sang – ‘Freedom is nothing more than having nothing left to lose’.

Freedom is precious and the right to vote comes with that freedom. So exercise your freedom and don’t just talk about it in the abstract. Thank you for listening to this conservative political rant.