Does Anyone Have All the Answers For WPV?

by todaystrainingblog

October 2, 2012


That question may rankle some of us in the security field and especially those who specialize in WPV, like myself. But I have to say up front that no one has all the answers to the issue of wpV. Sometimes, it is unavoidable. No one has the answers to prevent all incidents. I don’t, others don’t, no book can, and no book will.

                Anyone or any book that promises that, is ‘stealing‘ your money and not telling you the truth. The best we can hope for is to lessen the liability and reduce the risk of an incident happening. There is only one entity that can prevent such things, and he ain’t here right now to do it. So what I’m telling you is that if you are looking for a cure-all for workplace violence, this person isn’t it, nor is any other book or person you’ll talk to.

                And it doesn’t really matter whether or not they are a security professional, psychologist, behavior therapist, or other some such so called ‘expert ‘none of us has the full answer to this problem. We all like to think that we have all the answers and by hiring us or reading their books you’ll have no more problems it just doesn’t work that way. Myself, I make no qualms about it. I can give you the roadmap to follow and get the best results, but actually following that map and watching for the right signs us up to you.

                You can hire consultants, turn your office into a prison, and spend millions of dollars to prevent WpV, but the absolute truth is that there will always be the potential for it to occur in your office or business.

                I know you’ve heard this before, probably from your mother, father, or teachers, there are no guarantees in life. Basically this means that no matter how you plan or what you do, there is no iron clad guarantee that nothing will happen. And in the incidence of WPV, it is assured that someone, somewhere, some-how, will make an event happen despite your best efforts.

                And that is what it is about, your best efforts. Recognizing and preventing WPV is a full time job. You have to be ever vigilant and observant to what’s happening. It’s not an easy job. Many times, especially in larger companies, people fall thru the cracks and that causes them to burst forth in rage. Other times it allows them the time and presence to methodically plan and implement their anger against other employees, vendors, delivery people, or customers.

                So whether it be a verbal assault or physical, or even if it turns murderous (again another cliché’) Keep Your Eyes on the Prize. If you do that, then you might be able to recognize and prevent an incident. And if you don’t, then you just may find yourself cleaning up blood splatter off of the walls and floors. And that is something none of us want.

                All I’m trying to warn anyone about is that if you get a person coming into your business and ‘guaranteeing’ that they can prevent an incident or otherwise guarantee that nothing will ever happen, ‘don’t let the door hit’em where the good Lord split’em’ on their way out! Even the best business and security people can become overly enthused and accept what the consultant says as gospel.

                Stay alert and keep watch. Do that and I guarantee that nothing will happen! Well, at least you can spot it before it gets out of hand anyway.