Terrorism & America

by todaystrainingblog

September 11, 2012


                It’s been 11 years to the day since we were horrified and shocked that an airplane hit the World Trade Center. Then it got even worse. Another plane hit Tower #2. Then as we Watched in silent horror, both towers and another collapsed into nothing but a huge pile of hazardous rubble.

                Since that fateful morning in 2001, we have heard practically everything there is to hear about the tragedy. From more than a few crazies who think that the United States did it to ourselves, just so we could get more oil out of Iraq (that hasn’t worked out so well.

                To those such as Rosie O’Donnell who stated that steel beams can’t burn and melt. I think she missed the report just a few days before where the steel girders of a bridge in San Francisco melted because of a gas tanker that rolled and caught fire. To the experts who said that the towers came down too ‘cleanly’.

                And these are just 3 of the myriad of stories that have been floated in the world today. Hell, even Osama bin Laden said we did it to ourselves, just to blame him. As did Saddam Hussein.

                But thru 11 years and trillions of dollars spent trying to defend us and prevent another tragedy. Despite the Patriot Act. Despite the invasion to our privacy that the Department of Homeland Security has obtained. Have we really become any safer?

                In some respects yes. In other respects no. In the physical sense, we have become safer. Thanks in large part to several Federal agencies, who have worked tirelessly to do their best.

                Many in the FBI, DHS, ICE, & others, not to mention our military are dedicated professionals. They worked their butts off and some die trying to protect us.

                Others, such as the political appointees in these agencies would rather play politics and have everyone like them instead of worrying about the next attack. And this wasn’t just under President Obama it was under President Bush as well.

                The FBI, DHS, TSA and I’m sure others have been tasked with spying on ALL Americans to thwart terrorism. They monitor our cell phones, computers, faxes, and anything else electronic we utilize in our daily lives.

                And also according to the Patriot Act, most of which I agree with, they can go into anywhere they want and search. And if we say anything against them or the search they can ‘make us disappear’. Sometimes I wonder if we’re in Communist Russia or China, except the people don’t act or sound like they do!

                Terrorism is a real issue in our world. It came home in 1993 with the first World Trade Center bombing. Then again in 1995 in Oklahoma City at the Alfred Murrah Federal Building, albeit domestic. Then the entire world changed in the blink of an eye that bright sunny morning in Manhattan when a plane hit the WTC and caused its collapse.

                We lost a great many people there. And a great number of military people at the Pentagon when another plane hit it. And then we saw the difference that American heroes can make at Shanksville when the passengers took over Flight 93 and crashed into a corn field and prevented it from reaching the White House or Capitol Building in Washington D.C.

                The loss of life was great, no matter what. But despite the outcry from the liberal media, let’s look at Vietnam, Korea, & WWII. We have lost nearly 15,000 people in the 11 years since the buildings went down. In Vietnam and Korea, we lost that many in one year.

                We need to be thankful that we have men and women who are willing to lay their lives on the line for us who stay behind. Some of us are too old, disabled, or not eligible for service, but what’s the difference. They lay their lives on the line, so we sit and pitch a bitch about the weather or our jobs (or lack thereof).

                We learned a lot that day. But since we’re Americans we forget about them very quickly and devolved into partisan bickering about one thing or another. We forgot what was best for the country and only for those in Washington. If we don’t start remembering what we learned and felt in the seconds, minutes, days, & weeks after that disaster we will repeat it.

                Maybe not today, tomorrow, or even next year. But we will repeat it and then who will mourn the dead, dying, & innocent then. As usual the media and everyone else will do nothing but wring their hands and say woe is me.

                I say thank God for the millions of police, fire-fighters, medical personnel, & our military (past and present) for doing what they do. And GOD BLESS AMERICA!

                What were you doing on September 11th when you heard the news? Let me know?

I was on the phone and talking to my still single girlfriend at the time. She was in Spokane, WA. and I was in St. Joseph, MO.I called her and asked her if she had heard the news. She had and I tried my best to calm her fears about what was going to happen. It all worked out well, we met a week later and the rest is history.

                Tell me your stories.