What is Good Grooming

by todaystrainingblog

September 4, 2012

What is Good Grooming

By: Mindy Mitzner


                What is good grooming? One might think it means that the clothes you wear should be clean; others might think it means taking a daily shower and keeping your personal appearance at its best. Both would be right, partially.

Being well groomed is an important part of people’s first impressions of you.  When you work in a position that puts you in the public eye, in the business world, the client’s eye it is imperative that you get this grooming thing down.

Let’s just start at the beginning and we can end with a fully dressed and presentable employee or in my industry a fully dressed and ready to work security officer.  The first and most basic of all grooming habits is a daily shower with soap. Yes, I know I shouldn’t have to mention the soap but, I can assure you, after 25 plus years, I do. It is also important to make sure you brush your teeth.  Let’s be very clear here, YOU MUST BRUSH YOUR TEETH! When you speak to people or smile at people they will notice your teeth. I know that not everyone has great teeth but, they can have clean teeth. There is nothing more disgusting than speaking with someone who has green and brown fur growing from their teeth. This immediately gives people the impression you don’t care about yourself, therefore how could you possibly care about them? After you have showered, shampooed, and brushed your teeth you will need to apply deodorant with an antiperspirant. This will aide in keeping your arm pits dry and smelling good and could also cut down on those unsightly “pit stains” people see when you lift your arms. Let’s not forget that we need to comb or brush the hair we just finished washing.  It should be kept neat.  For men in the security industry I recommend a short above the ears and shoulders style and for the women of the security industry, if your hair is long pull it up or if you are rocking a fashionable short style, make sure it’s brushed and styled accordingly. This isn’t a fashion contest; it’s a professional industry that needs professionals of both genders to represent it well. 

Now let’s talk about how your clothing or uniform should look.  Men and women in uniform should wear clean clothing free from food stains, wrinkles, and unknown stains.  The buttons should line up with the button on your trousers and you should be wearing a belt. Your shirt should be tucked in and your pants should fit properly.  This means that loose fitting trousers that sag below your belt line are too big and you should look for a smaller size.  If you are required to wear a belt, you should be able to see it between your shirt and trousers. This creates a nice looking line. Most security personal should wear black shoes that are comfortable for walking and running when necessary.  A good majority of your duties will consist of ample time on your feet and you don’t want to end each day with your feet hurting.

We have covered the basics but you may wonder why grooming is so important. I can tell you that as a security officer you are going to be dealing with many people of many different backgrounds throughout your day. You want each one of them to feel safe and confident in coming to you when an issue arises.  If you look like the transient on the street you may cause people concern. They may wonder if you will be able to help them or they may just be afraid to approach you.  I know that it isn’t politically correct to stereo type the people we come across, but the sad fact is we do, everyone does.  Dirty, unshaven, and poorly dressed people are often typed as dumb, poor, and potentially criminal.  Now as a security officer under these stereo types, would you feel comfortable approaching yourself? NO, you wouldn’t.  Your employer and the client’s they do business with are counting on you to make a Great first impression of yourself, your company, and the company you are posted.  When you are able to do this you are contributing to the overall success of everyone involved.  I have to mention, as well, that when in security customer service is so important and a clean, shaven, well dressed officer looks smart and exudes confidence. People will feel safer in approaching you and they will assume you are going to have the answers/direction they are looking for.

One final and important note; while reading this blog or a policy in your company’s handbook hearing about personal hygiene and good grooming is easy.  What you will find isn’t easy is when you have to be called in for this talk because your employer has had reports that you don’t smell good, or you come to work disheveled. This is when the subject becomes personal and can feel like an assault on you as a person.  I will be the first to tell you this isn’t fun for the person that has to have this conversation with you either. No one wants to have to tell someone that they are failing in the most basic of personal care. So for your sake and that of those you represent, Please take the time to care for yourself. Always show up ready to shine. I hope everyone has a lovely and clean day.


Mindy Mitzner is the Scheduling Coordinator/Employee Relations Manager for a contract security provider in the Kansas City Metro area. She has worked in the

security field for 15 years. Her functions have included managing the office, scheduling, HR & Payroll, to training and development for operations. She

also has 10+ years in  management and marketing experience in the convenience store industry. This is her 2nd blog for me. She can still be reached at 913-927-6890