A Purpose for Process by Mindy Mitzner

by todaystrainingblog

August 10, 2012

I have found that after 20+ years in the corporate world that it is, indeed, necessary to have set processes established for each department within a company.

Let’s talk about on-boarding practices. I find that most times, especially so in the service industries, that hiring managers wait until a need arises before they begin recruiting. This presents a number of issues, first because you have a need, you have a time limit to meet that need. When there is pressure to fill a spot quickly, I find that most hiring managers forgo formal interviewing and processes only to end up hiring the first person they find available that pass the first appearance opinions, (they arrived for the interview). When time isn’t taken to follow up on references, look at a person’s previous longevity, and reasons for leaving it’s easy to end up increasing your turn over percentages. On boarding new staff is a costly process and one that should be conducted in a manner that will bring quality individuals into your fold. When you don’t take the time to make sure that the people you hire are going to blend into your businesses established culture, you risk having to replace that person quickly, and let’s be honest, it takes time, money, and man hours to prepare a new hire for duty.

Then there is the actual inter office processes; who is supposed to do what? If there isn’t an established procedure, chances are no one knows exactly what their role is. When there is no one person to conduct the interviews, no one person who is responsible for follow up on references, scheduling second interviews, or composing applicant correspondence then there really is no one person to blame for lapses or failures in that process.

I think it is imperative that there be an established on boarding process. This should start with who reviews the incoming resumes and applications all the way through who is going to decide if an offer of employment will be made. This process can be accomplished with the same person or a group of people who work together to accomplish the goal. The goal, of course, is to hire the most capable employees who will integrate well into your company’s culture. I have found that when you take your time and follow some pre established guidelines you increase your odds of finding a long term employee who is company focused and is truly an asset to you, not a liability.

It’s never too late to establish a process for your on boarding procedures or to review if what you currently have in place isn’t netting you the quality persons you are trying to find.

Happy Recruiting Friends

            Mindy Mitzner is the Scheduling Coordinator/Employee Relations Manager ?ERM? for a contract security provider in the Kansas City Metro area. She has worked in the security field for 15 years. Her functions have included managing the office, scheduling, HR & Payroll, to training and development for operations. She also has 10+ years in management and marketing experience in the convenience store industry. Contact her at 913-927-6893